Jenni Phillips Ceramics
Jenni Phillips Ceramics
Contemporary Ceramics

Making Process
It’s quite a long process making ceramics. The time taken from start to the finished fired piece takes about a month with preparing clay, making , drying , bisque firing , glazing & decorating , and finally glaze firing.
I have an electric wheel and a lovely kick wheel , built by my other half, over 40 years ago, which I still use for  bigger pieces and turning (trimming) bases). All glazes are mixed by me , some to my own recipes. Most work is thrown on the wheel or hand built from coils or slabs. I have a small slab roller, extruder and glaze mixer.  I work in a small workshop with a lovely view across the Cornish countryside. 
I recycle all waste clays, so any unfired waste clay is soaked down and dried and kneaded back into usable clay. We have solar panels that generate some of the electricity used for kiln firing. 
If you are interested in pottery lessons please email me for details.


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